Program Event Photos

Easter Egg Hunt at The Gardens

The Gardens hosted an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15th. Over 20 children participated in searching for the dyed eggs, and many more residents enjoyed the hot dogs, hamburgers, and array of sweets that were provided. A big thank you to all the residents who helped set-up/take down the event, provided speakers, manned the grill, and brought delicious dessert to share! Children who searched for eggs also took home a coloring book and candy.

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Spring Break means family fun for all!

The Ready Tots program, run by Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning encourages healthy parent-child relationships. Denver Public Schools is on spring break this week, meaning there is more opportunity to engage with both parents and children. Ready Tots hosted a Spring Break Extravaganza in Hidden Brook Apartment’s community spaces!

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Annual Taste of Hidden Brook builds community through food

Every year, residents of Hidden Brook apartments are invited to a potluck dinner called Taste of Hidden Brook. Many of the dishes are international, and all of the dishes are delicious!

This was also a great opportunity for Hidden Brook’s Community Manager Prudencia to speak with residents about how to avoid the number one maintenance issue – improper use of garbage disposals. Residents who listened to her presentation were entered to win raffle prizes.

Residents were also entered to win H-mart gift cards for attending the event. Turnout was high as were spirits as we shared food and made friends.

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Streetlights come to New Freedom Park

Month of hard work paid off for residents of Hope Communities Hidden Brook Apartments and the surrounding neighborhood. After hosting a meeting last month with City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman to request more streetlights, two lights off New Freedom Park are now lit.

Several more lights have been promised in the alleyways, and in an exciting development, Denver Parks and Recreation announced plans for over 10 trees to be planted in New Freedom Park!

Thanks to Denver Public Works, Denver Parks and Recreation, Xcel Energy Colorado, Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, Mercy HousingSpring Institute for Intercultural Learning, and most importantly, the residents of the Colfax/Yosemite community for coming together to make this happen!

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Hidden Brook re-opens newly renovated Learning Center 

In September 2016, Hope Communities was awarded the Bank of America Community Development Grant for $10,000. After several months of renovations, Hidden Brook Apartments is proud to announce the Learning Center is open to the community!
Hope Communities provides supplemental programming to residents and community members in five areas: adult education, youth education, case management, health and wellness, and community building. This Learning Center will be vital to continuing and expanding these programming areas. 

Many thanks to Bank of America for their commitment to local community development, and special acknowledgement to our strategic partners like Project Worthmore, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning, and Mercy Housing (Grace Apartments), with whom we provide programming and services. 

We are hopeful that this Learning Center will be a valuable resource to the community for many years to come!

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Quarterly Safety Meeting at Hidden Brook

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Hidden Brook residents and the greater Colfax/Yosemite Community host Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman to ask for more streetlights and police presence

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Carolton Arms & Welton Homes BBQ

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New Freedom Park Block Party

Over 400 community members attended this very popular and fun filled event!

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Sweet Dreams In A Bag

Sweet Dreams is an organization that provides BRAND NEW bedding to children in need.

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Splash Days at The Gardens of Hope Communities!

What a fun days of Slip n’ Slides, water balloon fights and popsicles! Great way to stay cool!

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