Hidden Brook Opens Newly-Renovated Learning Center

Eyal Namordi (BofA), Paula Schriefer (Spring Institute), Noor & Sadik, Dean Brown Jr (Hope Communities)

Eyal Namordi of Bank of America, Paula Schriefer of Spring Institute, Noor & Sadik, Dean Brown Jr., interim Executive Director of Hope Communities celebrate at the re-opened Learning Center

In September 2016, Hope Communities was awarded the Bank of America Community Development Grant for $10,000. After several months of renovations, Hidden Brook Apartments is proud to announce the Learning Center is open to the community!
Hope Communities provides supplemental programming to residents and community members in five areas: adult education, youth education, case management, health and wellness, and community building. This Learning Center will be vital to continuing and expanding these programming areas. 

Many thanks to Bank of America for their commitment to local community development, and special acknowledgement to our strategic partners like Project Worthmore, Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning, and Mercy Housing (Grace Apartments), with whom we provide programming and services. 

We are hopeful that this Learning Center will be a valuable resource to the community for many years to come!

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