Colorado Gives Day 2016 – 24 Hours to Give where you Live!

Colorado Gives Day

Thank you to all who donated on Colorado Gives Day, December 6th, 2016. Hope Communities was able to raise almost $7,000 on this day for all Coloradans to give where they live!

Did you miss Colorado Gives Day? Don’t worry! You can still use the Colorado Gives platform and have until December 31st to make a tax-deductible donation to Hope Communities for 2016.

Click here to support Hope Communities!

It’s fast, easy, and safe, and 100% of your donation goes to continuing the amazing work of Hope Communities.

We are only able to provide programs to our residents and make upgrades to our properties through your generous support. These programs and upgrades are what make our affordable housing communities such great places to live!

Help us provide safe, clean affordable housing enriched by support services for over 700 Denver families!

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Palace Construction Helps Students Prepare For School Year

A huge thank you to Palace Construction for providing backpacks and school supplies for students from Kindergarten through High School. 

With your thoughtful donation, numerous children from within the Hope Community will be able to go back-to-school with valuable tools to succeed.



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2016 Charles Schwab Day Community Garden Project—A Huge Success!

Thank You Charles Schwab, Metco Landscape, Diamond Vogel Paint & Palace Construction

Charles Schwab volunteers again partnered with Hope Communities at the 3rd and final phase of the Baumgardner Family Community Gardens at the Hidden Brook Apartments. Among many projects taking place this year within the garden, 9 additional garden boxes were added for a total of 30 garden boxes at the site. The ultimate goal during the previous year’s community garden projects were to simply provide raised garden areas for residents, allowing them the opportunity to grow their own fresh organic food.

During the 3rd and final phase of this project, additional garden beds were added along with, trellis’ for both new, and existing beds. Two large, colorful sail shades along with 2 Shademaster Honey Locust trees, 2 Miss Kim Lilac Bushes, and 4 Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle vines were added to this area as well, creating a new, much needed shade area. Two colorful, and cleverly painted trash cans were also added this year. This new area will allow the residents to better utilize the complete area. A colorful meandering walk way now separates the garden bed area, from the new shade area. Three 8’ benches were also constructed.

This garden area is now more than just a set of raised garden beds; rather it is an open and welcoming space that encourages residents to not just sow the seeds of herbs and vegetables, but to sow the seeds of community and creativity.

Metco Landscape graciously donated all landscaping materials necessary to prepare the new garden beds for planting, as well as all trees, bushes vines, and flagstone. Guiding us along the way was Patti Hamilton who thoughtfully donated her Landscape Design talents, as well as Matt Seewald of Palace Construction who lent his general contracting knowledge and ideas to this project. Adam Vogel of Diamond Vogel paints donated all painting materials bringing color and life to the benches and trash cans. Thank you all–we simply could not have done this without you or your kindness.

Thank you Charles Schwab for volunteering your time, talent and energy – and for literally reaching out with your own two hands and making a tangible difference within this community. Hope Communities cannot everyone enough, and we look forward to next year’s project!

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Volunteers Building Gardens for Refugees

Community Gardens Built At Hope Communities Hiddenbrook Property.

Watch this news clip from 9NEWS at 8 a.m. 05/19/14. Continue reading

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Thank You Great Divide Brewing Company!

Great_Divide_Circle_LogoGreat Divide Brewing Co. donated 100% of their proceeds from the sample sized beer pours in their Tap Room to two nonprofits during the month of November. Hope Communities was one of the very lucky nonprofits that benefitted from their generosity! Thank you Great Divide for giving back to the community in a unique and tasty way!

Please drop by their Tap Room located at 2201 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205!  Hours are Sunday – Tuesday: Noon – 8:00 PM, and Wednesday – Saturday: Noon – 10 PM.

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This is What Hope Looks Like



Once you meet nine-year old Birtukan you won’t forget her. She’s a bubbly, smart, fun, and energetic resident of Hope Communities who just happens to speak English and Tigrinya (one of the languages of Eritrea). She was born in Sudan, moved to Eritrea, then to Ethiopia, then to America. She translated for us when we went to her Hope Communities’ apartment to meet her and her mother who speaks limited English. Birtukan’s mother served traditional Eritrean coffee beginning with roasting the coffee beans. Birtukan and her mother came to America (because of fighting and violence between Eritrea and Ethiopia) with the help of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. (The Office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide.) Birtukan and her mother lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia where Birtukan went to school and her mother distributed food. She and her mother have been in the U.S. three to four years – they aren’t sure. Birtukan learned English at Place Bridge Academy, a Denver Public School magnet school for refugees. She loves school, especially math and reading, and plays soccer. Her ambition: to be a social worker because she wants to help people. Her name means orange – the fruit – not the color. Like the fruit, she’s beautiful, healthy and vibrant and we are happy to have Birtukan and her mother as residents of Hope Communities.

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We Are Proud of Our Families

Eh Gay, Gate (age 4) and Elizabeth (age 6 months)

Eh Gay, Gate (age 4) and Elizabeth (age 6 months)

We are proud to introduce residents Eh Gay and her five children, Doe Soe (age 15), Pru Soe (age 11), Pro Soe (age 9), Gate (age 4) and Elizabeth (age 6 months).

Coming to America and Hope Communities wasn’t easy when Eh Gay came seven years ago.  In 1988, when Eh Gay was 10 years old, Eh Gay’s family was caught up in the religious and ethnic fighting and subsequent persecution by the military government of Burma.   Like many Burmese, Eh Gay and her family ended up in a Thai refugee camp where they remained for seventeen years.

They were never allowed to leave for any reason.    Eh Gay married and gave birth to her first three children in the refugee camp. There was a school and a hospital but no running water, no electricity, no refrigerators, no stoves.  When the food shipment from the United Nations came late, there was hunger.  According to Eh Gay, there was a lot of stress in the refugee camps related to boredom and a lack of work.  Drinking and drug use were prevalent as well as domestic violence.

Eh Gay took advantage of what little was offered.   At the camp, she went to school, learning English and Karen (a language of Burma and Thailand) and also studied her native language of Burmese, skills she would use when she reached the United States.

The United Nations and the U.S State Department facilitated Eh Gary’s journey to the U.S. where she was resettled in Denver and lives in a Hope Communities property. Her mother and sister went to Sweden.  Another sister committed suicide at the camp.

At Hope Communities and as a volunteer, Eh Gay helps translate for new Burmese and Karen-speaking residents.  She also volunteers to meet every new family the day after they move into their new Hope apartment and lets staff know if there are any issues.  She also sits on the Resident Council.  Her children have participated in the pre-school and after-school programs offered on site at her Hope Communities building.

“America is the best for me.  It makes me feel good every day.  I love Hope Communities and my children’s schools.  I have lots of friends,” says Eh Gay.  “Someday I would like to advocate for women’s rights.  I saw a lot of abuse in the refugee camps.  There are a lot of women’s rights here.  There is more freedom.”

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The Treasure Store

Hope Communities holds an event where during the holiday season they gather gifts and create a store for each of its different housing complexes. This assists the families who may otherwise struggle providing gifts for their children at Christmas time.

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Charles Schwab Volunteer Day

20120521_141A Big Thank You!

Thank you to Charles Schwab for their incredible generosity and support on May 21, 2012, during the Charles Schwab Volunteer Day. Volunteers helped out on many projects at our Hidden Brook and Gardens properties and their efforts made a huge impact.


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Hope Communities Receives 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Business Social Responsibility Award

Larry Fullerton and Mayor Hancock

 Mayor Hancock and Larry Fullerton

Hope Communities is the proud recipient of the 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Business Social Responsibility Award. We are truly honored to be receive this prestigious award. This is the 27th year that businesses, non-profits, and individuals have been recognized for their strong efforts and will to improve the quality of life for others. The Business Social Responsibility Award is given to those that exemplify the values and compassion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., through their daily endeavors.

“More than Affordable Housing”

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Hope Communities believes that providing an affordable place to live is step number one. We believe the most vital part of the work Hope does, is to provide a strong support system for our residents to build sustainable lives.

“I have a dream…”

Each one of our residents’ holds a unique dream in their heart. To go to college, settle into a career, become financially stable, watch their children succeed, and perhaps purchase their own home someday. A large number of our residents require additional support. Many of them are refugees, who have fled their country and are starting their lives from scratch. Hope Communities offers supportive and enriching programs to help our residents achieve self-sufficiency and to live a happy, productive life. We appreciate and value all of what Dr. King accomplished. As he has shared his dream with us; we will share ours with you: “We believe that affordable housing is vital, but not the sole solution, to breaking the cycle of poverty. That is why Hope Communities is more than affordable housing; our holistic approach helps these hardworking individuals work towards achieving all of their dreams.”

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
-Henry David Thoreau

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